Posthaste July and August wrap-up

Since my last post was published in the middle of July, it didn’t seem worth posting again at the end of the month so I decided to save up my progress pics to upload here at the end of August, and oh look it’s September already! <insert mild freak out about impending deadlines>

Things have been going pretty well. I got almost all of the shots I’d planned on completing in August finished. The set for the bakery scene came out really well, though I made the unfortunate discovery that I’d miscalculated my size ratios and it was proportionally larger than I’d intended. As a result, there were some quick modifications made and some fudging with the photography, but I think it looks alright in the shots I’ve completed so I’m busting through and moving on to getting more things done.

Here are some pictures of the end of the bakery set being built and the final look of it all put together and lit.20150715_055653870_iOS20150715_065412556_iOSwindow sign

20150805_004213869_iOS20150720_004426293_iOS20150724_065612894_iOS20150729_083246400_iOSPieces  of the cupcake door. (mmmmmm….cupcake door)

20150718_025905178_iOSBottom edge and trim attached


Pastries case20150812_043320301_iOS

Papered case and background wall20150817_021708083_iOS

Platter/cone things (made of plaster and wrapped in paper)20150817_042102268_iOS


Tiny plates!20150818_062525747_iOSPlates and platters on their platform20150819_033246978_iOSPlates, platters, platform, and pastries!20150821_001407893_iOSLook at the tiny bakery! I want to go visit there and eat all the tiny baked goods.

Post_501_01_X1_0001Lit and ready for animating! With tons and tons of thanks to my friends who’ve come out multiple times for my monthly set-building get-togethers and have been helping me get these sets done so much faster than I could do just by myself.

Speaking of friends, all my stores in the sets are inspired by my friends who’ve been so helpful in the course of getting my masters and working on the thesis itself. The Byte-sized Bakery is actually a shout-out to my fellow RIT classmate Vijay who’s been my critique-buddy throughout both of out thesis projects and has been helping me with some of my 3D shots. I created a brownie-loving monster in him at school which is where the whole bakery-as-Vijay’s-store concept came from.

I have really awesome friends. =)

Here’s the long animation shot that goes into the full version of the film.

Short version of the intro to scene 5 for the version of the film that cuts out the rock and roll fantasy sequence.

Full version work-in-progress cut.

Short version work-in-progress cut.

end August pencils

In the last month and a half I’ve managed to fill out a few more sections on my tracking chart. I’m just waiting to get one shot back from my compositer for scene 1 and that will soon be locked and ready for sound, and hopefully the short version of scene 5 will follow soon! In the meantime I’m now focused on finishing the last shot for scene 5 and then I’ll be building my set for scene 9 which is the final scene in the film so it’s a very important one. Wish my luck!


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