Posthaste May and June Summary

It’s been a hectic two months over here in my world. At the beginning of May I had just finished building my set for scene 1 and had started animating some of the opening shots.  I felt like I was making some good progress on the animation and would be able to finish it by the end of May only to get walloped by a month long monster flare. Then, when I was finally able to start animating again in smaller time chunks, my dastardly puppet went and snapped both his knee joints simultaneously. Bad puppet! Finally, after several weeks of dealing with troublesome joints of both the human and puppet variety I managed to get scene 1 shot 3 finished which is one of the longer and more complex shots in my project. Yay!

I have only one more shot left to shoot for scene 1 which is a quick insert shot of the puppet’s backpack being dropped to the ground and then I just need a still frame of the hallway set through the door to be composited into scene 2. If luck and my health holds, I should be able to get those completed this week.

During some of my low energy periods, I did manage to finish the animation and coloring work on scene 2-3 where my character imagines the path to the mailbox in a 2D sequence. All that’s left if to add some textures to the shot and it will be completely locked and ready for sound and music.

In between all that I also started to design and build my set for scene 5 which takes place in front of a bakery. I had a set building weekend where many of my most wonderful friends came by to help out with measuring, cutting, and gluing and saved me many hours of solitary work which allowed to catch up a little on my flare-induced deficit. Since my final deadline is swiftly approaching for this fall, I think I will continue to have some set-building weekends with friends to help push my project along to completion.

Here’s what I’ve got for the scene 5 set so far.

bakery set




What I’ve spent most of my time on has been creating the various pastries that will be filling the window.











And here is the total work-in-progress video I have of everything I’ve laid into the final composition so far.

mid july pencil progress

Pencils to track my progress. =)


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