September Summary

So much work still left to do and deadlines are looming!

With that in mind this monthly summary is going to be short on detail and long on visuals because I need to go get back to work!

In September,  I finished shooting all the shots for scene 5 that used only the bakery set. The last shot in the scene involves another building in the background, so I spent most of the month working on set design and fabrication both for the end of scene 5 and for the sets I will need for my October shooting goal which is scene 9.

Sleepy Dave’s Mattress (for end of scene 5 beginning of scene 6)

sleepy daves color 2 20150831_142512545_iOS 20150918_190720445_iOS 20150921_165518446_iOS 20150922_214704804_iOS 20150922_214649658_iOS20150922_220045114_iOS20150928_135537339_iOS 20151005_141548161_iOSI also needed two lampposts, one full sized and one scaled down to match the background buildings.

lamp post color 20151001_075455540_iOS 20151001_075445064_iOS 20151001_101925934_iOS 20151001_200735351_iOS 20151004_013011015_iOS20151001_075553301_iOS 20151001_075728002_iOS 20151001_103136868_iOS 20151002_073827811_iOS 20151002_195203895_iOS20151005_051901392_iOS 20151005_055451684_iOS20151005_225651465_iOS 20151007_220057898_iOS 20151007_220109359_iOS 20151009_214128993_iOSThe next set of sets I’m going to be building and shooting on this month are for my final scene. There will be a combination set of stores and an ATM in the background when my main character finally reaches the mailbox he’s been running towards.

hardware store color220151010_000034089_iOSAnd here’s the up to date work in progress version of the film from my vimeo page and my tracking pencils. See you in November!



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