Posthaste Post-February Post

So obviously the weekly blog post thing just doesn’t work for me. Part of it is just feeling like I need to actually be working on the project rather that writing about it. The other part of it is just that I’ve always been bad about diaries/journals/blogs and just don’t make it a priority. So I’m going to try a monthly wrap up. After each month of work has finished I’ll write up a little post with a summary of where the project is at. Plus it seems like a much better time frame for a project that takes so much time to make progress on. The updates will actually feel more like progress than the weekly ones would.

So here’s where things were at by the end of February.

Since my last post I have actually moved twice which meant packing up the whole studio and setting it up again two times. The second was actually another move across the country so it took a solid month for my studio to actually catch up with me so I did a lot of 2D work at that time (that time being fall 2014). The moves have caused delays but hopefully I’m going to be staying put until the project is finished from now on.

I’ve gotten most of scene 2 completely shot and the shot 2-3 which is the first 2D sequence mostly done outside of any later compositing/texturing. I’ve done two of my green screen sequences and built the mail truck for the project complete with the ability rumble up and down when the truck is idling in a shot.

I’ve also found several more minions to help me along with the project. I now have a sound designer, a composer, a compositor, and my friend Jack is doing my opening and closing credits. Up next is finishing the last shots needed for scene 2 and then building the set for scene 1. Once each scene is animated to a point where I can lock the timings I’ll be sending them to my sound designer to get started on the foley. My goal is be finished in time to screen at the end of the fall 2015 semester and be able to graduate then.

Here is the updated work in progress for the end of February:

This is the current version of shot 2-3:

Here are some of the progression pics for the construction of the mail truck:

mail truck front backmail truck right sidemail truck colored20141113_192358667_iOS















And here is the rumble feature in action:


So that’s it for my February round up. Hopefully next month’s will have an extra shot or two and some lovely set fabrication for you all to look at. See you later!


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    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry the videos aren’t working for you. I can’t seems to get the error to replicate though. Do you mind telling me what browser you’re using or if you’re using an RSS reader so I can try and fix the problem?

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