More building designs!

You know what doesn’t make animating any easier? When you drop the toothpick you’re using to manipulate the character’s eyes and then promptly step on it in bare feet because your studio is ridiculously warm. Yeah. That’s not helpful. So while I’m taking a day or two to let my foot heal to the point where I’m not lurching around like a newborn deer, I thought I’d update the blog with info on much of the progress I’ve been making.

Since my last update I’ve finished the building designs, the 3D team has got them almost completely modeled and textured, I have a complete puppet with full wardrobe and 2 1/2 replacement faces ready to shoot my first few shots for which I’ve already got 2 seconds of animation done. That’s right I got 2 seconds done before impaling myself on Satan’s toothpick. Go me!

To keep these posts from getting overwhelming though I’m just going to show you the rest of the building designs and some of the model images my 3D team sent me. I’ll spread the rest of the updates out over the next few weeks. So onto building designs.

First here are some color schemes I came up with for the house designs I posted last time.

house 1 color sample 2 house 1 color sample 3House 1 additional color concepts

house 2 color scheme 1house 2 color scheme 2House 2 additional color conceptshouse 3 color sample 2 house 3 color sample 1House 3 additional color concepts house 4 color sample 1house 4 color sample 2House 4 additional color concepts

There were more color schemes I came up with, but I figured two of each house was enough to show here. I divided up the color schemes among the house designs but let the 3D team know that any of the color schemes could be applied to any of the houses to allow for more variety in the street set along with the smaller models like the cars and bushes and trees to make each lot look distinctive.

In addition to coloring the residential house designs I also came up with and colored the rest of the designs for the commercial block to go with the Mobius coffee house and the Ceruli Sports store.

luigis pizza luigis pizza colorLuigi’s Pizza. Named for my uncle’s excellent pizza place on Long Island (go check it out any New York city readers!) noahs toybox noahs toybox color

This is Noah’s Toybox, a toy store made to look like an awesome castle. This one is named for Noah, the oldest son of my fellow grad student Jeremy. Noah would sometime come visit us in the lab and he was always lots of fun. sleepy davessleepy daves colorNext up is Sleepy Dave’s Mattress Emporium. This is the largest building on the block and refers back to an earlier version of the project where my main character runs head first into a mattress being moved by two store employees. Since I cut that scene I decided to move the store to the other side of the street so it could still be in the film. This one is a shout out to my wonderful husband whom I tease a lot for being a very heavy sleeper. Hi Dave!

I also designed the many smaller peripheral elements to make the street look more realistic. Such as decorative potted plants.

decorative plant 2 pieces decorative plant 2 color sampledecorative plant 1 whole trunk decorative plant 1 whole decorative plant colorA jaunty lampost.lamp post colorA squat fire hydrant in an unusual shade of hydrant colorAnd of course the slanted traffic light which will slow down the mail truck and give our hero one last chance to beat it to the mail box!traffic light littraffic light back color

All of these were then given to my wonderful design team who turned them into awesome looking 3D models.

house1 house4 house3Early models of the house designs without final lighting or textures.

LightingTest.0001A version of Randy’s own house with some side lighting and a mailbox.

mailbox02Wire frame of the mail box and the SUV as a work in progress.

suvWIP06 NoahsToybox

Noah’s Toybox unshaded.mobiusLongSampleText02A wireframe of one of the Mobius coffee units with basic color shaders in place.


And here’s a shot of Luigi’s with various texturing options applied so I could determine which look I wanted for the final piece.

All in all the design work and modeling has gone very will this semester. I can’t wait to see what the blocks will look like once they’re fully textured, lit, and all the smaller elements are in place. I think it’s going to look really cool. I can only hope my physical sets with come out just as well. I’ll be sure to share the images with you once they’re done. Until then, I hope you like what the team and I have come up with so far. Thanks team Delta!



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