Building designs

Hey Everyone!

Give me just a second to clean up in here <blows an inch of dust off the blog>. Ahh much better.

So yes, it has been a long stretch since I updated, but not to fear, I did not fall off a cliff. I just got very absorbed in my work itself and kept putting my time into making stuff rather than blogging about it. So on the plus side I have tons of stuff to update about! On the downside – I have tons of stuff to update about!

Today I’m actually going to start with my more recent work, and then work backwards to fill in the gaps on the other things I’ve been working on such as puppet and set fabrication and lighting tests.

The past few weeks I’ve been focused on the designs for many of my sets. There is a wonderful group of 3D students at RIT (their group name is Team Delta) who agreed to help build computer models of some of my sets to make some of the trickier shots easier on me by allowing me to composite in the backgrounds and saving me lots of building time. These sets will mostly be used for shots where I have some drastic camera moves such as the fast zoom down a residential street in the second scene and a long shot where Randy zooms down a commercial block on a construction dolly. To do those shots with practical sets would require a studio space the size of a warehouse and a lot of time and materials to build so many buildings. With the help of my awesome 3D team, I can now shoot the puppet elements in front of a green screen, and the replace the green areas with the sets they have designed saving me time in both the fabrication and animation process. Go Team Delta!

So, in order to help them help me. I’ve spent the majority of my time this past week working on sketching concept art for the various buildings they will be modeling, and then cleaning those sketches digitally so I can have a more accurate blueprint for the team to work from. The assets they are building include 5 houses for the residential section, an entire block of commercial buildings for the dolly scene, 2 cars, and various smaller peripherals to fill out the environments and make them look like my sets. The big challenge for them will be when they go to texture the sets. This is the process where they add color and 2 dimensional texture files to the models to give them added realism. Because my sets are going to be covered with textured papers, the team will have to match their textures to the actual papers I am using. Hopefully they’ll have a good time working on it.

So here are some of the finished designs I’ve already sent to the group.

mobius block short base

Short block for connected commercial buildings.

mobius base002Long block for connected commercial buildings.

mobius base color sampleColor sample.

Ceruli sportsSports store.

Ceruli sports color sampleSports store with color sample.

house 1 detailedHouse 1 with texturing details.

house 1 color sample 1House 1 with color sample 1 without texture details.

house 2 WIPHouse 2 – work in progress. Still need to finish adding in the windows

house 3 WIPHouse 3  without texture details.

house 4 cleanedHouse 4 without texture details.

mailbox designMailbox design.

curb designSidewalk curb design.

2014-01-26 09.26.21

2014-01-26 09.34.54

Examples of practical curbs on set.

bush designsBush shapes. 2013-11-20 03.51.34


Example of practical bushes on set.

sedanSedan design.

SUVSUV design.

For some of the assets I have the concept work, but not cleaned versions yet. Here are some of those rough sketches.



Concept sketches for maple tree designs.



Leaf blocks for pine trees.

commercial building sketches

Building concepts for Sleepy Dave’s Mattress Emporium, Luigi’s Pizza, and Noah’s ToyBox.

Noahs toybox logo sketchLogo concept for Noah’s ToyBox

Vidhyas Videos sign sketchSign concept for Vidhya’s Videos.

More set designs, practical set images, and puppet fabrication posts to come!

See you all again soon!


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