Rough storyboards for Posthaste

After doing my first storyboard analysis over the summer, I then tried my hand at a first run of storyboards for my own story. I only managed to get through the first few scenes before I started pulling more hours at my part-time job, but I felt like I made a decent start with what I had.

Images read left to right/ top to bottom in order unless otherwise noted.

posthaste storyboard001

Scene 1:

Shot 1 – Film opens on an empty apartment hallway. Camera beings to pan right slowly.
Door opens into frame on the left, main character Randy enters. Framing shows him from just below shoulders to just below the hips in profile as he walks left to right.
As the camera and Randy move right, we begin to see various notes indicating a letter on the table against the back wall that needs to be mailed out today.
Randy, moving faster than the camera pan exits screen right as the camera settles on the letter on the side table and all the notes saying that it must go out today.

Hold on letter.

Randy skids back into frame from the right, reads the notes above the letter, and then dashes out to the left- leaving the apartment.
Camera holds for a moment and then begins a slow push in on the letter still sitting on the table.
Posthaste title fades in.
Randy rushes back in, (his body hiding/erasing the title) grabs letter, and runs back out.


Scene 2:

A series of shots of Randy rushing down the stairs towards the front door of their shared home.

Scene 3:

Shot 1 – Exterior  of Randy’s apartment over a Barber shop, focusing on lower half of doorway over steps. Randy opens door from the inside and jumps down from top step


Scene 3: (cont.)

Shot 2 – A shot of Randy’s  feet landing from a higher angle, camera tilts up for the first full character reveal at a very slight lower angle. (camera level would be pointed at about his neck)

Shot 3 – ¾ side view from Randy’s right Randy turns to looks to his right (camera front)

Shot 4 – Fast zoom and truck forward shot (use miniatures and AE motion blur to create effect) to the mailbox two blocks up, around a corner to the right and then another three blocks up the street.


Scene 3: (cont.)

Shot 3B – Randy looks confident, slight grin, then turns and looks in the other direction

Shot 5 – Zoom truck shot of mail truck turning the corner to pull onto the street about 4 blocks behind Randy.

Shot 6 – Randy reacts to the sight of the truck, less confident, then anticipates charging off toward the mailbox at full speed. He moves forward to take his first step but immediately slows to a light jog.


Scene 3: (cont.)

Shot 7 – Side view of Randy jogging from his front right side, a friend of his (mattress mover in sweatshirt and a cap) waves to him from across the street

Shot 8 – Randy from the front waves back to his friend (camera start moving backward)  and keeps moving forward, looks side to side and crosses the street from block 1. He jogs past a few storefronts, his eyes glance over a few places, he suddenly slows and goes slack jawed.


Scene 3: (cont.)

Shot 9 – side view from the left of a swimsuit display as Randy distractedly comes into frame

Shot 10 – Mid shot of Randy staring at the store, focus on facial expressions, he grins and doesn’t realize that he’s tripping until he’s fallen almost completely out of frame
Scene 4:

Shot 1 – Close up of Randy holding his head. Camera zooms out to show him on the ground, a dog’s leash over his back leg, and the dog itself sitting in front of him (very happily) with Randy’s letter in its mouth.
Randy tries to take back the letter, and the dog pulls back ready to play. Randy lunges for the letter, misses and the dog prances around him. Randy glares at the dog.


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