Randy character traits and sketches

It’s been a little while since my last “image attack” post. I’ve been finding that I’ve been spending so much time working on the project, that I haven’t been setting aside any time to blog about the project. I’ve never been great about keeping up with journals, so I can’t really expect a blog to be much different, though I will try to d better as we move forward.
Just because the image attack post bugs me in its lack of detail and organization. I will be re-posting some of the images and information form in, into separate posts based on subject matter, with additional details as the pop up. Most of the original post will be included here, though I plan to hold off on the information about the puppet building phase until I’ve finished my third test armature and can take the time to fill in the details about the variations between them properly, and link to the test animations I plan to do with them.

So first up on the list is my collection of character sketches for my main character, Randy.

first sketch I did of Randy

This is the first sketch I ever did of Randy

My original concept for Randy was that he was a college student who is often forgetful and distractable on his was to mail his tax forms on the April 15th at the very last minute. As I started to develop my story more, however, I wanted to add to his personal determination and allow him to be an even more outrageous character. As a result I rewound him back and bit to a younger version of the character.

early sketch of Randyearly sketch of RandyA few early sketches of Randy

In his current incarnation, Randy is a high school senior, filled with sernio-itis and so busy looking forward to his bright future, that he tends to forget to focus on the present. He’s a bit of dreamer, when something caches his attention, his imagination has a tendency to take over. He loves movies and music, works when he has to, but much prefers spending his time with his friends. A large part of him wants to be one of those dramatic heroes he loves to watch, though he doesn’t realize that he hasn’t learned enough about being himself, to start focusing on being someone else.While he has good intentions, Randy’s dramatic tendencies can often lead him into situations that tend to spiral out of control faster than he keep up.

Randy in action

Randy in action

Some early action poses

He lives in a shared house/condo with both of his parents. He Dad tends to let Randy dream, and figures the independence of college will be enough to mature his son, so why deprive him of the fun of being a high school student. His mother, however, is often worried that Randy’s inattention to detail will lead to his ruin, and tries to guide him down the correct path as much as possible. Despite his mother’s help, Randy’s overactive imagination and under-active attention span still makes life interesting.

Randy in some poses from the animation

Randy exercising and relaxing

trying to get a sense of how Randy moves

Randy mid-run

Randy in some exaggerated poses

Randy in some perspective poses

Randy and his canine friend

the dog wants to play with Randy

basic inked turnaround of Randy

Basic inked turnaround of Randy

colored turn around of Randy

basic color scheme for Randy

In my most recent sketches of Randy, I tried to explore his personality a little more. I came up with a few sketches from what might be part of his daily routine. Including his “personal” time dancing around his room in his underwear. Unlike a lot of other teenage boys. Randy still holds on to some of his child-like nature that just makes boxers seem strange on him. Even though he’s interested in girls, he has yet to take that infatuation to a level where he has  more active interest in the fashionablity of his underclothes.

some poses to get a sense of Randy's personality

personality sketches of Randy


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