What I’ve done so far – image attack!

Alright, this is just a quick and dirty post to get images of all the work I’ve done up until this point online so they can be reviewed by my lovely thesis committee. I will later sort these different posts with more detail about the thought process that went into each section.
So with no further ado – on to the images!

Some very rough storyboard sketches I did

Last but not least, is the sketch for a moving camera rig I intend to build.

I do still need to finish typing up the new script. These images took a lot more time to upload than I would have liked, the blog structure was making me upload them all one at a time.

The changes from the most recent script I sent out was to work on making the need to race to the mailbox more apparent for the character. After Randy rushes out of his apartment, he look up the street and sees the mail box just two blocks away, straight up the street. He then looks to see where the truck is and see’s that it’s waaay up the street away from him. He is relieved and then takes the two blocks to the box at a casual pace, reconnecting with the previous script when he is distracted by the bathing suit display.  When he is struggling with the dog, the mail truck actually drives past them, the dog notices the mail truck (not Randy) but the dog turning to strain after the truck makes Randy notice. The mailman, waves, closes the box, and then drives off. Randy panics a’la  The Scream. He calms down and then refocuses on another box down the side street, a quick glance shows the mail truck turning in the same direction a block beyond him, at which point he starts running frantically down the street to get to the box and picking back up in the script from there.  I may include the image of the mail truck passing by in the background during one of his side shots.


2 responses

  1. Looks like you’ve done quite a bit of work. Your story boards are looking good. I liked the idea of breaking down a “walking down the street” sequence from Monsters. I would like to see the updated script to help get an idea of the story to date. Your character seems to be coming along. I like the detailed progress pics you included. Keep plugging along. -Mark

    • Thanks Mark. I actually really got into the storyboard analysis exercise. I’d like to keep doing them, since it helped me a lot to see the mechanics of what made that scene from Monsters Inc. really work.

      Updated script should be in your inbox soon. It’s all typed, I just wanted to give it a day to simmer and give it another pass before sending it on to you and the rest of the committee. =)
      Hope the quarter is starting out well!

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